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Kick off Your Shoes at The Island Club!

Posted on March 12, 2018

“Casually awesome.” That’s how Naples Reserve had been described.

Upon arriving at the community’s entrance, visitors are welcomed with two coins that can be redeemed at the Island Club for a complimentary YKnot cocktail. As the gates open, and the friendly attendant waves, visitors instinctively utter “awesome” and realize they are in for a treat.

Once reaching the Island Club, the spirit of the community surrounds you. Casually awesome is exactly what is happening here. The place feels more like summer camp than your grandfather’s country club. Well, that is, if summer camp had Key West-style décor, yummy food and adult beverages! The Island Club evokes that feeling of free and easy childhood summers—so many fun things to do, and nowhere you have to be.

This is a place where you can marvel at the massive aquarium or watch the big game with friends, as the spaces feel more intimate than public. The Island Club includes Latitudes Café, a casual restaurant that offers delicious sandwiches, salads—and a full bar. Here, residents can relax and enjoy a bite, wearing a beach cover-up or workout clothes if they choose.

The people who live here are an active bunch! The club’s well-outfitted fitness center is full of residents taking advantage of the facility’s brand-new equipment.

Glance out a window, and you can see the thing that Naples Reserve is best known for—the water. With the tropical kana tiki hut nearby, the cool shade of the lush, coconut palms and a resort pool that rivals a resort, it feels more like an island vacation than a clubhouse. The sparkling pool has a soothing waterfall and a lap lane for serious swimmers. A few steps away is Sunset Beach, where you can relax and catch some rays or play a game of beach volleyball or bocce ball.

Entertaining friends and family here is easy. No one has to pack special clothes. They can just head over in their flip flops and shorts and enjoy chilling out together. This is what life is like in Naples Reserve – “Casually Awesome”. What are you waiting for? Request your copy of Naples Unplugged Magazine to discover Naples like never before.

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