Live in Paradise ... Well, Maybe Someday
Living in Paradise, Well Maybe Someday

Live in Paradise … Well, Maybe Someday

Posted on March 27, 2017

Waterfront living. It’s one of those topics that once mentioned, often results in a sort of dreamy gaze. “Well, maybe someday…” is the common refrain. Often, people think of waterfront living as something that can only be done on the ocean, but lakefront living offers a more private, more engaging experience without all the maintenance that goes along with the salt air.

One area that embraces this lifestyle is South Naples. With so many large lakes, surrounded by natural preserves, it’s no surprise that residents are clamoring to live on these shores. Many residents spend their free time on the water in kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and electric Duffy Boats.

One South Naples neighborhood that is embracing this trend is Naples Reserve. Here, the residents enjoy waterfront living and all that it means for their lives. Certainly, everyone enjoys the million-dollar view, the various wildlife that call the lake home and the soothing calm of living on the water. But at Naples Reserve, I found out quickly, that the aesthetics of the lake are just the beginning. This is a robust, real lake that is perfect for boating. Though it’s not a mecca for mega-yachts, it is the perfect place to express your individuality. At Naples Reserve, you can buzz around the 125-acre lake in your CraigCat, your kayak, canoe or any other floating watercraft to explore the 22 other interconnected lakes. It’s a great place to take a ride out to Kontiki Island to sop up some Vitamin D and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks from your picnic basket.

Another great option for water lovers at Naples Reserve is the Duffy Boat. A quiet, electric boat, the Duffy is Naples Reserve’s community vessel, and an awesome way to power through the waves and enjoy a beautiful day on the water. Because it’s a bigger vessel, you can round up the neighbors and take a relaxing trip to the community’s private Kontiki Island. This is a great option for those who don’t have one of the smaller boats or who want to bring the whole gang along for a group outing.

With the largest model home’s tour in Naples, Naples Reserve provides something for everyone. No matter what kind of boat you choose to board, South Naples is a community committed to life on, in and near the water. And I, for one, can’t imagine anything better. Find out more about living in this top South Naples community by clicking here.

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