Music legends and legendary music on the Paradise Coast
The Artis Naples Florida

Music legends and legendary music are just the start of the arts on the Paradise Coast

Posted on July 7, 2017

Joshua Bell. Broadway. Ballet. Michael Bolton. String quartets. Chamber Orchestras. A fully-fledged Philharmonic orchestra. The one and only Smokey! And that’s just the performing arts.


Over at the Baker Museum, world-renowned traveling collections and permanent installations offer an ongoing perspective on every nuance of creativity in modern and contemporary visual art.


Anchored on a 99,000 square foot campus, Artis—Naples is also committed to entertainingly educational events for children and life long learners.

But lest this seem just too, too precious—the Daniels Pavilion, the smaller black box theatre—hosts more experimental theatre projects and comedians that are more than willing…to step way outside the “box.”


Artis—Naples tagline is “We invite you to be inspired” but one can’t help but think it’s more than that. In each iteration, it seems an invitation to come alive!



5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard

Naples, Florida 34108-2740

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