Pet-Friendly Home Designs
Pet Friendly Designs at Naples Reserve

Pet Friendly Home Designs

Posted on January 10, 2019

The world is getting more and more pet-friendly these days. Everyone from friends to business owners are starting to recognize the unique relationship that pet owners have with their furry friends (and even some of the health benefits that come with them!) As a result, an increasing number of restaurants, shopping centers, and movie theaters are easing up on their pet restrictions, allowing shoppers and diners to bring Fido and Fluffy with them on a leash. Even neighborhoods are getting in on the pet passion, adding in features made especially for pets. When it comes to searching for a home, be sure to consider these unique pet-friendly features!

A Space Of Their Own

A separate space for pets is more than just a luxury; it’s a necessity for the health and wellness of your furry friend. Not only does it allow them a space to physically rest up and relax, but to mentally recharge as well (to credit, chasing a ball takes a lot of work!). Pets can also enjoy making as much of a mess as they want in this animal area, without bringing that mess to the rest of your home. Ideally, this pet place would be a smaller room, with a large soft bed for sleeping, your pet’s favorite toys scattered all over, and appropriately pet proofed.

Big Backyards

All dogs, from the biggest Newfoundland to the smallest Havanese, have one thing in common: they need space to run around in! Exercise is important to an animal’s physical and mental health – after all, it’s easy to get cabin fever if you’re sitting around all day! When searching for a new home, make sure it has an outdoor space that’s big enough to run around and play in. The neighborhood that you’re looking into should also host tons of sidewalks and a dog park with an agility course and tons of shade. These have the added benefit of breaking up routine and mentally challenging your pet, while allowing you to also get out and socialize with other dog owners.


Accidents happen, but in a home that is designed for pets, accidents don’t have to last forever. This is why pet-friendly homes have unique features that allow your home to look beautiful, no matter what the cat or dog may bring in. Keep an eye out for tile flooring that’s easy to clean, specialized paint that fur isn’t magnetically attracted to, and a neighborhood that encourages pet ownership and relationships – which is especially important! A neighborhood that is willing to roll out the welcome mat for a furry friend is one that recognizes their unique qualities and differences, and will find ways to assist them accordingly. Look for amenities such as a dog park (extra points if they have separate sections for big dogs and small dogs to play in!), trails to take pets on their evening walk, and especially expansive homes with large backyards to run around in. When these pet friendly features are in a neighborhood, you can ensure that the residential staff will go above and beyond for your pet.

Pets can be one of the most important figures in our lives. They greet us with warmth and heap tons of love on us, all in exchange for some skritches on the neck and a full food bowl. It’s no wonder that nearly every homeowner in Naples says that they have at least one pet. It’s not enough to give our pets a home that they can move through and live in-we need to accommodate for them in every area of our lives. This is where Naples Reserve comes in. More than just a neighborhood, this Collier County residential area works to make your pets part of their lifestyle. The area’s great weather means that every day is perfect for a walk, and the tons of trails that wind throughout the area are just the place to have those walks. Owners and pets that want to toss a couple sticks around have the Walk & Wag Dog Park to romp around and chase sticks in while interacting with other dogs and their owners! At the end of the day, residents and their pets head to a place that they all can call home. It’s a residence that’s big enough for pets and people to have the space to move around in while being strong enough for some puppy love. Now that’s something to wag your tail over!

There’s a reason this adorable Gulf Coast community consistently ranks high in measures of pretty much everything. Naples Reserve, one of the premier residences in the area. A 688-acre residential community that’s tucked aside the Picayune Strand State Forest, at Naples Reserve, residents are invited to find their happy amongst the recreational lakes, dog parks, on-site club, and amenity center that features a sand volleyball court and a pool.

A best-selling South Naples community, Naples Reserve offers 18 fully decorated models available for viewing, built by Southwest Florida’s premier homebuilders, including Ashton Woods, D.R. Horton, Florida Lifestyle Homes, KTS Homes, Lundstrom Development, Marvin Development, McGarvey Custom Homes and Stock Signature Homes. Homes are priced from the low-$300,000s to over $1 million. Don’t just take our word for it on how good it is here – request a copy of our magazine or schedule a visit with our Welcome Center, located at 14885 Naples Reserve Circle in Naples Florida, to see our models and see what makes life here so Casually Awesome. Call (239)732-1414 for more information.

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