Rock On With South Naples Entertainment
Rock on in South Naples

Rock On With South Naples Entertainment

Posted on March 22, 2017

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a Gen Xer, you know what we’re talkin’ about when it comes to appreciating your tunes.

So, where can you find music ’round town to get your rock on? Ask around and you’ll find as much a variety of answers as there are venues to hit up. The Naples, Florida music scene is alive with the beat of drums, gee-tar licks and the trill of trumpets. Every weekend and pretty much most nights, you can tap your toes until the bars close up—fillin’ your ears with bluesy notes or bass-reverberating tingles.

You may find yourself roaming the quaint streets of downtown. There are a number of establishments featuring live music or deejays spinning the latest hits. Depending on what gets your groove on, you may be able to find the vibe that interests you most.  Check out Kane Tiki Bar & Grill or The Crazy Flamingo for some great food and even better music. The list goes on and on for live music options around Naples, all you have to do is explore!

Lots of musical genres influence the Southwest Florida music scene—after all, this is The South; near to Cuba and the Caribbean; near to Louisiana and Alabama—where you can find a mix of Southern rock, pop, jazz, dance, hip-hop, rap, country, R&B, Latin, reggae, gospel, classical and any other alternative you happen to think of, including alternative. If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you can find live steel drums, island salsa, bluegrass, Creole-inspired Zydeco or even a good ol’ Classic Rock tribute band.

Spread around the Paradise Coast, you can trip into a bar off Third Street South for some live strumming. Or reserve a dinner table at the Mercato for some pop/rock. Or just hangout around the waterside joints for some smooth jazz. Any which way you like it, you can always find some tunes to suit your mood. You can even plan way ahead with tickets to Germain Arena or Artis—Naples for concerts, performances, dance, play & musicals, cirques, sporting events and big name entertainers that headline the marquees every week.

The sounds will keep you humming through the night and the speakers may be loud enough to get your head spinning like a turntable. Yes, they still make those to spin “records” or as some still call ‘em—“vinyls.” Kinda ridiculous to have music without dancing—they go arm-in-arm and toe-to-toe. So, hit the dance floors to shake your body to the rhythms.

Even if you can’t sing, just stomp your feet, clap your hands and snap your fingers to the beat. And kick back and relax in the sea breeze with a cold drink. So whether it’s a restaurant, bar, country club, nightclub, lounge, casino or even a performing arts center, music is the language that everyone can speak. Who knows? If there’s an open mike out there, you could find yourself up there onstage, too. Karaoke, anyone?

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