Award Winning Builder Now Calling NR Home
Which Award Winning Builder is Now Calling Naples Reserve Home?

Which Award Winning Builder is Now Calling Naples Reserve Home?

Posted on January 4, 2017

With innovation and luxury at its core, it is no wonder that Naples Reserve has attracted the best-of-the-best when it comes to its builders. The picturesque community and gorgeous coastal-inspired homes have captured the attention of Naples and now its world-class builders, like KTS Homes, are beginning to garner attention for their work.

KTS Homes’ Newport custom model home at Naples Reserve earned a Grand Aurora Award for best single- family detached home in the 3,000- to 3,499-square-foot home category, a coveted honor bestowed upon the best in the residential, commercial and remodeling industries.

KTS Homes earned its Grand Aurora Award after receiving an Aurora Award in the same category, in addition to an Aurora Award for the best kitchen in the $1 to $2 million home category.

The Aurora Awards are presented by the Southeast Building Conference and Florida Home Builders Association to honor architectural design, interior design and planning excellence.

The model, which opened earlier this year in Naples Reserve, inspired KTS Homes’ first custom homebuyers with its expansive views and zero-corner sliding glass doors that blend indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the home. Openness is the central theme in this model, enhanced by 10- to 13-foot ceiling heights and unique structural elements that create free-flowing path- ways throughout the house.

The three-bedroom Newport is in- spired by California Coastal design, featuring architectural accents and interiors with clean lines, a more modern feel, and linear — rather than boxy — footprints. The model has a study, kitchen with dining area, two full baths and two half-baths within its 3,030 square feet of living space.

Interior design elevates the model’s coastal feeling with rustic sand-finished stone flooring; a palette of neutral creams, warm slate and navy blue; and driftwood and grass-cloth finishes. Honey-toned oak flooring in the study and master bedroom is enhanced with a white glaze and black striations.

The home is base priced at $1.3 mil- lion, and the furnished model home is priced at $1.495 million.

Delivering excellence and trust, KTS Homes is a company of enduring strength and pioneering innovation. Their construction services have been fine-tuned over a decade of building and, during that time, have embraced advances in technology that help them build better, safer and for lower cost. Their experienced team applies today’s technology to proven building principles at Naples Reserve.


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